INFINITY CROWN™ - Available through ZurDent ONLY

Total Zirconia is made from virtually unbreakable, biocompatable medical-grade Zirconia - the same element used to make bullet proof military armor. Due to the fact that the INFINITY CROWN™ has no porcelain overlay, it is more resistant to chipping, fractures or breaking in the mouth. This makes the INFINITY CROWN™ ideal for bruxers who have broken their natural teeth or porcelain restorations in the past!

Dentists have long relied on full-cast gold and porcelain metal crowns and bridges for long term durability and strength. With the intorduction of the INFINITY CROWN™ the dental industry has moved into a new and exciting era. No more chipped porcelain or fractures, ground down restorations are now a thing of the past. What's more, when compared side-by-side to full-cast gold and porcelain metal crowns. INFINITY CROWN™ is the most natural looking choice

Advantages / Benefits

  • Virtually chip proof
  • More esthetic than metal and full-cast gold crowns
  • Biocompatable medical-grade Zirconia
  • Strength of metal with the esthetics of porcelain